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The 10 Best Autumn Sun Holiday Destinations

As the schools go back this is a great time to grab a bargain autumn sun holiday.

At this time of year you’ll still find it hot enough to bask on the beach, less tourists and there’ll be some great deals to choose from too.

Assuming you don’t want to schlep more than 4 hours across Europe, these countries will offer you a bit of beach and a bit of culture on a budget.


Balloons over Cappadocia – pic: Selcuc Yildiz

Despite some pretty bad press over the past year or two, Turkey is still an excellent spot to head for some late summer/autumn sun. If you want to backpack it around there is lots to see and do from the rocky landscapes of Cappadocia and the thermal spas of Pamukkale to the sprawling metropolis of Istanbul.

However, there are also lots of amazing package deals along the coasts. Antalya and Fethiye are popular tourist spots for good reason! There are some great resorts around the southern coast which are probably better value out of season.

Average October temperature: Between 14 – 26 degrees C.

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Santorini – still gorgeous out of season – pic: MariaMichelle

Always wanted to see Santorini but put off by the idea of cruise ships and crowds of Saga louts? Greece is great in September and October. Still hot enough to bask in the sun with a white wine and a gyros but A LOT less people.

Santorini is the picture postcard image but don’t neglect the glut of other great islands. Mykonos, Crete, Ios and Lesbos are all beautiful islands in their own right with plenty for a 7 day beach jaunt at this time of year.

Alternatively, hit the mainland and explore Thessaloniki and Athens or head inland to regions mostly ignored by tourists.

Average October Temperature: 17-24 degrees C.


Picturesque Malta – pic: JanneG

This rocky little island nation out in the middle of the Med is a great cultural spot which is normally teeming with tourists in the summer months. But come September/October the hoardes head home and you have got your pick of beautiful towns, craggy beaches and super cheap resort hotels.

In all honesty, there isn’t lots of beach in Malta. Boat cruises are the order of the day in the summer, which become less frequent about this time of year. There is however lots of cheap diving, some amazing old fortified towns and some half decent nightlife.

The country is so compact you can easily see most of it in a 7 day jaunt if you get a hire car. Alternatively, public transport is good so use buses and taxis.

Average October Temperature: 15 – 25 degrees C.


Barelonetta beach – pic: Mediengestalter

The home of beach holidays, of course Spain has lots to choose from. If you’re looking for a cheap deal on the Costas or in the Balaerics then this is absolutely the time to swoop. Prices drop drastically outside of the summer months.

If you’re not really keen on a package style deal then Spain is obviously packed full of culture and history. Grenada, Barcelona, Seville and San Sebastian are all gorgeous cities which are still pleasantly warm. Find a cheap flight, book a hotel or rental car and away you go.

You can still get into the Ibiza nightlife scene before it shuts down for the winter in October and if you really want to soak up maximum heat then go to the Canaries.

Average October Temperature: Malaga reaches around 24 degrees C in October. Ibiza will be around 22 degrees C.


Menara Palace, Marrakech – pic: Dezalb

Exotic and very much different from the European options, Morocco is the same flight time from mainland Europe to the Canaries.

Agadir and Marrakech tend to draw in the tourists with their package options. But if you’re up for a bit of independent wandering then heading to Tangier, Fez or Casablanca which are a bit more of a cultural experience. You’ll find the same souks, bubbling tagines, hammam massages and goats in argan berry trees – but with less tourists and a bit cheaper too.

Explorers can also delve into the Atlas mountains where they can explore quaint villages or go on a desert trek to the Sahara.

Average October Temperature: 17 – 21 degrees, although it can get up to 27 degrees.


Caeserea, Israel – pic: Rwayne307

Not always on the radar for travellers, perhaps due to security issues, Israel is a great option for those looking for something different. You’ve got fabulous Tel Aviv, a vibrant beach city with crazy nightlife and lots of culture. Then you’ve got fascinating Jerusalem with its ancient town, winding alleys and religious conflict.

For those who are up for exploring there is a lot to see in this compact country. The Negev desert, the Dead Sea, the Sea of Galilee and even the Palestinian Territories… Hire a car and get stuck in.

Alternatively, if you’re more up for a simple beach holiday, head to Eilat and soak up the Israeli welcome.

Average October Temperature: 14 – 25 degrees C.


Petra, Jordan – pic: Apdeboer

If Israel seems a bit risky for you then Jordan offers a similar experience. Amman is a sprawling old city with Roman ruins and Biblical sites, although the nightlife isn’t on a par with Tel Aviv (obviously).

You can still explore the Dead Sea from the Jordanian side and head to the old city of Petra. If you’ve seen recent films The Martian or Star Wars Rogue One then you’ll have spied the stunning Jordanian desert scenery.

You can also get the beach experiece at Aquaba, the city right over the border from Israel’s Eilat resort.

Average October Temperature: 14-25 degrees C.

Southern Italy

Cinque Terre, Italy – pic: Harald Landsrath

Like much of the continent, most of the summer tourists have gone by late September so this is the ideal time to swoop on those touristy spots. Cinque Terre for example can be almost unbearable in the summer, but is now much more palatable. Or head to Capri for a much more sedate tourist experience.

The south of Italy is packed full of awesome beach destinations. If you haven’t been to Sicily or Sardinia then this might be the time to do it. You can grab package deals on sites like Last Minute or Holiday Pirates or make a DIY holiday and cram in as much as you can.

If you head for a city break to Rome, Florence or Venice (the holy trinity of Italian city breaks) check out Weekend in Italy for discounted and advance purchase tickets.

Average October Temperature (Sicily): 16-22 degrees.


Porto – pic: AlexanderFreirichmsc

The sun may be shining, but due to the being on the slightly squally Atlantic, Portgual isn’t quite guaranteed the heat like the rest of the destinations on this list.

You’ll find great deals on the Algarve resorts though, especially if you look on sites like On The Beach. However, this is probably optimum time for a city break to Lisbon or Porto with the autumn sun still shining. If you’re looking for a great surf break too then now is the time to head to Portugal.

Average October Temperature: 15-23 degrees.


Cyrpus landscape – pic: DimitrisVetsikas1969

A stalwart of the Mediterranean holiday scene, Cyprus is one of the safest bets for some autumn sun holiday action. Compact enough to drive around easily, there’s lots to see and do. Vineyards, olive groves, classical era ruins plus a good amount of sun at this time of year.

This is the sort of place where you grab a good package deal and hire a car to explore in the day.

Average October Temperature: 16-26 degrees.

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