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13 Best Things To Do In Santorini

The postcard image of Greece, Santorini is one of the most stunning islands in the Mediterranean, if not the world. We asked a local guide for their best things to do in Santorini…

If you haven’t decided yet to go on holiday this summer, you should seriously consider going to Santorini. It is an island known worldwide for its beauty and you can choose whether you are free and planning a holiday with your girlfriends, or looking for a romantic destination with your partner.

The magical volcano landscape, the unique beaches and picturesque alleys are just a few reasons to make this Cyclades island your next destination.

Just make sure you book early from a room or hotel to stay because as we said it is a global tourism hub and it won’t be 100% full time for all summer months.

The best things worth seeing and doing in Santorini are:

The wineries

Santorini is known for its exceptional wineries because of its unique volcanic soil, but also for its Mediterranean climate that helps ripen unique varieties. In fact, most have a magnificent view of the sea and the visitor has the opportunity to enjoy many different varieties of wines while enjoying the endless blue.

The paths

As a classical Cycladic island, Santorini has very beautiful and picturesque alleys and there is a path that leads from Fira to Oia, enjoying the unique aesthetics of Cycladic aesthetics, the walk next to the large domes of the church and the sea. of the volcano.

Image by micel from Pixabay

The beaches

The beaches of Santorini have a strange, unique beauty, because of the volcano the sand is black and it has fanatical supporters or haters. The only sure thing is that you will find something unprecedented, with the most famous beaches being Perissa and the Red Beach surrounded by large red rocks.

Red Beach, Santorini: Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

The picturesque villages

In addition to the long beaches, Santorini has some picturesque little ports right on the seafront, such as Ammoudi, which you can visit to enjoy the magical scenery and the sunset or even combine it with a delicious seafood meal. Of course there are not many who even choose this small port to swim. If you’re looking for some secret Santorini, this is one of the best things to do to experience the authentic life here on the island.

To discover ancient history

In 1646 BC. Santorini became one of the largest volcanic eruptions and this resulted in the settlement of the island being then covered. Thus, with the excavations, many objects of ancient civilization come to the surface that are worth visiting.

It has the best hotels

The hotels of the island have followed the Cycladic architecture to the full, preserving the homogeneity of the island and many of them have been built on the rocks, giving the view that they offer unique. Also many of them are luxurious and their pools are like a balcony on the sea.

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We also recommend browsing Trivago for some of the best hotel price comparisons.

It has natural healing springs

Because of the volcano, many lava bays have been created by the lava, which are curative and would certainly be interesting to see what it is like to swim in those waters.

It is a romantic island

Of course when we talk about Santorini, we could not miss the unique sunset, for which people travel from all over the earth or choose the Greek island for honeymoon. Every afternoon many visitors go up to Imerovigli waiting for the sun to set in the sea.

The colors the sky takes are definitely a unique experience and can only be etched in your memory like a painting. All the more so if you are looking at this fantastic view with your partner.

Romantic sunset on Santorini: Image by kristinekelly from Pixabay

The entertainment

The fun in Santorini is widespread all over the island and all the time … To enjoy your breakfast or have an afternoon coffee, relax in one of the prime caldera shops from Fira to Oia.

The fun in Santorini is as special as it is, all over the island at all times. From the morning you wake up the most ideal spot is a place in Caldera, from Fira to Oia.

Pick the spot and enjoy your morning coffee, pinch something and then the map for the beach you choose. Without leaving the program of tours that are either maritime or “walking” out of the program. A program is needed so that you can taste as many things as you can because of the few you have.

Starting from the beaches you can easily start from the beach bars and the combination of bath, drink and music. If you are more of an adventure guy, you should try to go for excursions to New and Old Kameni. Of course we have to go in and underwater walks with specialists in the field.

Of course, your evening stroll will also be an exhilarating walk on the seafront in Kamari and then return to Fira or Oia for a stroll through the busy streets.

Enjoy a drink overlooking the Caldera or a cocktail with soundtracked classical music on the beach.

Let yourself be on the pulse of the island and let your heart be in sync with it. Feel the carelessness, the love, the romance and the life flowing in your blood. Let them be etched for as long as you live in your mind. Keep the memories of what you will live for and share them with the people you love with pictures to show them.

Indulge in some sports

On the east side there are three organized climbing pits in the limestone mountain. Even in Perivolos there is a high quality limestone that can satisfy the thrill seekers who love to climb. Also, at the beach of Perissa at its edges there are rocks that are often selected for climbing.

Another good fun option is sailing, and you can hire boats with either full crew or bareboat.


There are many diving centers in Santorini that will provide you with the necessary equipment or to learn the secrets of diving to beginners.

A great area for diving is Cape Tripiti in Thirasia and Taxiarchis by ship, in Old Kameni.

The reef in the Adiavati area (within the Caldera and south, near Akrotiri) is also offered for dives.

If you want to discover caves, you have to dive into Mesa Pigadia and the so-called Indian Rock, or Santorini diving-scubaMarinato.

Needless to say, the beauty of the seas around the volcanic islands of Old and New Kameni is striking and yet unique.

Sea Kayak & Stand Up Paddle Board

The day trips that are organized help the tourists to enjoy the beauty of the separate coastline with the volcanic rocks created in a special way. A sea kayak is a good way to find places that many day trippers and tourists never see…

We also like stand up paddle boarding which is a very good way to enjoy the sea. SUP (as it’s called) is an easy sport for many people and is perhaps more accessible than kayaking. You will find plenty of opportunity to hire kayaks and stand up paddle boards in Santorini.

Horseback riding

At Monolithos you can enjoy a unique horseback riding experience near the beach. If you’ve ever wanted to enjoy horseback riding with stunning scenery, this is one of the world’s places to enjoy the activity.

Getting to Santorini

You can either fly direct to Thira airport on Santorini, or take a ferry from either Athens or one of the other nearby islands (such as Mykonos or Naxos).

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