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5 Reasons To Go On A Camping Trip This Summer!

Going on a camping trip is a great way to have a fun summer holiday while keeping it cheap!

If your lasting memories of camping trips are of muddy fields a long way from the action, well, camping has come a long way since then.

Done right it can be an affordable family holiday or a cheap way to backpack around an otherwise expensive region. Not only that, you’ll probably learn some new skills and see a different side to the country.

Us here at Gone Travelling have spent many a night around a campfire and met plenty of interesting people, all from the comfort of a nylon shelter.

In fact there are many great reasons to get out and go on a camping trip this summer.

Nothing beats a campfire! – pic: Mike Erskine

All Mod-Cons

If your memory of campsites is of a hotch potch of semi organised fields and a standing tap for water, you might be surprised at the modern campsite.

Even the most basic camp sites have a recreation room where you can hang out with your fellow campers and play a bit of ping pong or watch TV, if you must. Showers, kitchen areas and laundry facilities are usually included although some services may cost extra.

Wi-fi tends to come as standard too, although it doesn’t always cover the full site.

And with the amount of technology many of us have these days, most camp sites have places where you can charge your devices. We’re not gonna say that there are always lots of plug sockets as there aren’t always – so it can be wise to invest in a portable charger if you need to keep powered up indefinitely.

Plenty Of Choice From Camping To Glamping

If the thought of sleeping in a tent doesn’t appeal to you then don’t fret… Most campsites offer deluxe camping options, or ‘glamping’. This can be static chalets or huts or even more semi permanent tents like yurts or teepees.

These will normally need to be booked in advance as they get very popular in high season. However out of the main summer holiday season you can often get a very nice price on some of the glamping options.

An actual yurt – pic: Oziel Gomez

In fact the choice of tents now can be quite staggering and there is literally something for every budget, which brings me neatly to my next point.

It’s Cheaper Than A Hotel!

You’ll often find that a week in a campsite is a lot cheaper than the equivalent in a hotel, for example a week in a Safari Tent on the French Atlantic coast can be booked for around GB£450 for up to 5 people.

Consider the cost for a hotel room for the same duration, which could be anything from a third extra and upwards. Plus, you have the options for self catering.

Of course, you can keep it ultra cheap and pitch your own tent too. A standard pitch for a tent in the UK or France can come in as low as GB£10 a night, even in high season.

Get Closer To Nature

Camp sites are often located away from city centres and closer to natural features like beaches, lakes, mountains or forests – making them perfect as a base to explore the great outdoors.

In fact the choices to unwind on a camping holiday are myriad:

  • Hire a bike and explore the locality.
  • Visit smaller local towns to soak up the authentic vibe.
  • Go fishing, kayaking, surfing or snorkelling. Or just soak up the sun!
  • Get your walking boots on and go trekking or hiking.
  • Enjoy escaping the trappings of modern life!

If you’re bringing the family, what better way to get them away from screens and technology and to experience something different?

The great outdoors! – pic: Daiga Ellaby

A Base To Explore Or Go Nomadic?

Popular camping areas often have many places to pitch a tent. Across Europe there are loads of options from bigger sites like Eurocamp to smaller independent and family run camp sites.

Having the freedom to pack up and move on to the next spot is one of the great freedoms of camping. If you don’t like one spot, pack up and move on. If you do, call it home for as long as you like.

pic: Rhae

The choice for campers is massive especially in popular areas such as the UK, Europe, The USA, Australia/New Zealand and even in South America.

In fact expensive regions like the Mediterranean it often makes sense to camp in the summer due to the usually excellent weather and the cost of hotels in these areas. And with the popularity of glamping the choices for comfortable sleeping are more likely than ever before.

Book Your Camping Trip Today…

If you’re looking to find a great camping trip for yourself or for your whole family take a look at EuroCamp for their great offers on all kinds of camping options. They have high quality campsites suitable for the independent traveller or the glamorous camper (glamper?) all over Europe.

Got any memories, tips or warnings for happy campers? Pop ’em in the comments below…!

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