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Simona Bojare

The Best City Campsites For A Camping Road Trip

A good option for cheap digs, or simply a great way to bookend a road trip. There are lots of awesome places to set up camp a stones throw from some of the biggest cities…

The words “campervan holiday” suggest that you’ll be fending for yourselves in the wilderness, but this doesn’t have to be the case. You’ll find plenty of campsites these days are well stocked with all mod cons and make a great place to base yourself – or to use as stop off points on a road trip.

Camper vans are excellent tools for getting around to holiday spots you’d never reach otherwise, which is why companies like Compare and Choose keep them available almost anywhere in the world, sometimes even right next door to major cities.

If you’re roaming the open road in your camper van, you’ll find a welcome stop at these great camp spots.

Mt. Rainier National Park, Seattle

Mt. Rainier’s local campgrounds give you plenty of land to explore, as well as a giant active volcano that you can see all the way from Seattle (only 59 miles away). Being so close to the city means that you can easily stock up on fresh food and souvenirs, and seasonal activities are available for those who aren’t a fan of long hikes.

Bath Chew Valley, Bristol

Bristol culture and history make it an amazing holiday location, and the Bath Chew Valley campsite can be your home-away-from-home during your trip. It makes a nice change from the busy city streets, letting you pass the time by fishing or exploring the park’s many flower beds and lawns.

It’s an adults-only park, so people who prefer the Bristol nightlife will be able to sleep during the day without interruptions from noisy children. It’s also got working electricity, showers and an entire utility room to keep clothes clean during longer stays, so you won’t be sacrificing much by staying out of the city limits.

Pic: KounG via Pixabay

Lane Cove National Park, Sydney

This Australian national park is only six miles from Sydney and operates on a pay-by-the-day system, making it great for backpackers and low cost holidays. Canoeing and picnics are popular actives in the area, and it only takes a short drive to reach the city’s centre, so you’ll have something to keep you occupied wherever you’re spending the night.

If you’re planning on spending some time in Sydney, our insiders guide will help you make the most of your stay.

Camping Bagatelle, Avignon

This family-focused site is literally a bridge away from the city’s limits, making it one of the most convenient camping sites you’ll find in the whole of France. There’s a variety of activities and full access for children, pets and disable people, as well as all the convinces of a typical hotel to keep you safe and comfortable.

France is packed full of campsites, so even the bigger cities such as Marseille, Nice or Bordeaux will have accessible camping.

c/o Camping Bagatelle

Hardekraaltjie, Cape Town

South Africa is a great place for a road trip, with the Garden Route and countless safari parks offering scope for travel. If you’re starting or finishing in Cape Town, you’ll find this handy RV park a short drive from the down town area. Hardekraaltjie is a secure campsite on the road from Cape Town to Stellenbosch and offers cabins for those who don’t have their own camper van.

If you’re heading to Cape Town, don’t forget to read our guide.

Campland on the Bay, San Diego

If you’re dreaming of that sunny Californian road trip then you’ll probably start or end your journey in San Diego. This laid back city is the Californian lifestyle epitomised. There are lots of places to park your RV (or pitch a tent), but Campland on the Bay is one of the best. Right by the sea and with awards for being one of the best camper grounds in the USA.

Get the low down on San Diego with our insiders guide.

City Camping (North and South), Berlin

Pic: Poposky via Pixabay

Germany is a great place to camp and the Germans certainly get into the spirit. So its not a surprise that there are lots of camping options in the capital Berlin. The City Camping Nord is situated close to a U-Bahn (metro) stations and are very affordable and comfortable options for those cruising around Germany or Europe in a camper van.

The North City Camping site is near Tegel Airport, the South one is a little further out and will require a taking a bus or driving in to the city.

Burrs Country Park Caravan Club Site, Manchester

This relaxing park is only a short bus ride from Manchester City Centre, making it almost as convenient as staying in the city itself. Aside from acting as a caravan spot, the park also offers all kinds of natural attractions and activities, including fishing and bird watching: for those with an interest in local history, there’s also the remains of the industrial buildings and equipment that boosted the area’s economy.

Takapuna Beach, Auckland

New Zealand is a popular destination for camper van travellers, so its no surprise that the biggest city Auckland is packed full of places to park up. Takapuna one the North Shore of the city is one of the most popular, with stunning sea views and easy city accessibility. Head to Devonport and get the ferry into the heart of Auckland.

Theres plenty of adventure to be had in a campervan! Let us know your thoughts and experiences below… Don’t forget to share!

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