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The Bucket List: Go Skydiving

For an ultimate adrenalin buzz, nothing beats jumping out of a plane. If you’re wondering where is the best or cheapest place to go skydiving, read on…

The first time I went skydiving, I was pretty gung ho all the way up in the plane. It was only when the instructor who I was strapped to got me to sit with my legs dangling over the 16,000 ft drop that I realised, “Oh s***, that’s a long way down”. By then of course it was too late.

But that 45 seconds to a minute of freefall will stay with me forever. Once we’d landed safely I was instantly ready to go again.

Literally… A. MAZ. ING.

If skydiving is on your bucket list you’ll be spoiled for choice. You’ll just have to decide what you want to do after you’ve hurtled to the ground from 16,000 feet. So if you want to make your holiday REALLY memorable, take a look at our guide to the best places in the world to go skydiving.

Takes the breath away.. / pic: S Raeuschel

Should I go skydiving?

If you like to face your fears or experience an ultimate rush, then definitely yes. If you’re unsure and you think you would cry, soil yourself or freak out generally then… Definitely, yes.

Although every fibre of your body is screaming, “THIS ISN’T RIGHT! DON’T DO IT!” that is kinda the point. To face your fears, embrace the rush and feel like you’ve really done something crazy.

In fact, the more nervous about it you are probably the better. You’ll just feel even more amazing when you get back on terra firma!

Who shouldn’t I go skydiving?

If you weigh over 220lbs (100kg) you may not be able to do a tandem skydive. The weight limit can vary between skydive centres so check when you’re booking.

If you have any pre existing nervous or heart conditions you will also be advised against doing a skydive.

You will also need to be over 18 in most places to complete a skydive, although some places will do a parachute jump (static line) for 16 year olds.

The upper age limit is often 70 years old but also check with any skydive centre what they require if you are over that age. It will normally be a medical form from your doctor stating a clean bill of health, or at the very least a waiver from you so if you die it’s not their fault(!!).

What do I need to go skydiving?

You shouldn’t need anything yourself except comfortable clothing. Ladies (and some men), skirts and dresses are probably not a good idea.

All skydive centres will have all the right equipment so you just need to turn up, listen attentively to your instructor and do exactly as (s)he says.

One thing you will need is to pay for a photo and video package. These normally come as extra on top of the jump itself and they’re normally not cheap. BUT, why would you jump out of a plane and not have the photographic evidence to show your mates?

One thing is that most skydive centres won’t let you take your own GoPro. This is normally because they charge for the video packages but also because it says in their certification that amateurs can’t take their own equipment up.

My jump was around NZ$289 for the 16,000 ft jump and the additional photo/video package was an extra NZ$100-120 which includes a USB stick with all the footage. So, all in around NZ$400 for the most terrifying 15 minutes of my life.

It was worth it.

Go on. Splash the cash!

Where shall I go skydiving?

I did my jump at the SkyDive Bay of Islands in New Zealand. The scenery was spectacular, the crew were very friendly and professional and the jump… Well. The jump was awesome. I think the picture below says it all.

Yours truly falling out of a plane in New Zealand – note the contrast between fear and cool / Pic: Oli Lynch


Yes, so I thoroughly enjoyed my skydive and was very enthusiastic to do it again. Honestly.

New Zealand

As NZ is the adventure sports capital of the world there are stacks of great places to jump out of a plane. I can highly recommend Bay Of Islands, They also have a sister company in Taupo which is another beautiful spot to jump out of a plane.

South Island has all that mountain scenery too so if you want a birds eye view of stunning mountains head to Queenstown and check out NZone Skydiving or Skydive Paradise.


Another spectacular place to take your life in your hands is the Amalfi Coast in Southern Italy. Not only that but you can calm your nerves with a negroni and some fresh pasta after. Italy is also one of the cheapest places to skydive so take a look at the many options from Venice to Sicily.


Another glamorous location to hurtle towards from 15,000 ft is Seville in Spain or the Algarve in Portugal. Skydive Spain is one of Europes best skydive centres and also the place to go to do the whole course. Not far down the road is Skydive Algarve which is also an excellent choice.

Spain and Portugal also rank highly for the cheapest places to go skydiving.

South Africa

Cape Town is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, so why not see it from a different angle? Ask Skydive Cape Town if they can make your day.

Southern Africa generally is a cheap place to skydive. South Africa has lots of good options including Durban and Joburg. Have a look also at Namibia.

Check out our guide to 48 hours in Cape Town…

And, our guide to getting lost in Namibia.


There are literally so many places to jump out of a plane in the USA you’ll be spoilt for choice. Check out Adrenalin who offer very affordable deals on many adventure sports including skydiving.

Popular spots include Las Vegas, Tampa in Florida and San Francisco.


As one of the world’s coolest looking cities, Dubai looks pretty cool from a birds eye view too. Check out Skydive Dubai for their packages.

If you’re heading to Dubai be sure to check out our 48 hour guide to the city.

Whooops… / pic: Janiboy

How much does it cost?

It depends entirely where you go, but you can jump for as little as US$129 in The USA.

Most places around the world you’ll be paying around the US$200 mark for the jump plus extra for photos and videos (around US$300 all in). The European jumps are priced around €160 and up plus the video packages.

My New Zealand jump worked out around US$275 roughly.

To be honest, it doesn’t matter where you do your jump. The best place to skydive might be down the road from you… The cheapest place to skydive might be halfway around the world.

So if you’re considering it, just do it!

Share your skydiving bucket list stories with us in the comments section below. If you’ve found this information useful then please feel free to share it or follow us on social media!

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