Who are we?

We are an online travel magazine for the adventurous, budget conscious traveller.

The Guys Behind The Words

Mike Palmer

The original Gone Travelling site was originally constructed by Michael Palmer to keep his friends in the loop as he travelled the world, all pre-facebook (yes there was such time!).

His journey around the world took him through Asia, Australia, New Zealand and the beautiful islands of the South Pacific where he pursued his love of surfing, diving, exploring, getting lost and generally soaking up the beach vibes.

He has also crewed on ships around the world, is frequently on the slopes of the Alps and can often be spotted falling off a surfboard in the waters of Cornwall.

Oliver Lynch

Editor and chief contributor Oliver Lynch is an experienced traveller who has had the great fortune to have been raised spending a lot of time in India, France and North Africa.

In later life he took on extended jaunts to Thailand, Malaysia and Cambodia to work as a DJ and has spent time on safari in Africa, climbing mountains in South America and jumping out of planes in New Zealand. He can often be spotted at one of the London airports en route to yet another extended break.

You can check out his personal blog at http://olilynch.com.

Our Guest Writers

Gone Travelling magazine is nothing without its contributors. We feature guest writers from all around the world offering varied perspectives on travel and our wonderful planet.

Seb Szymeczko is an Australian dude who spends his time travelling, doing random travel based jobs and getting drunk in exciting places.

Cassandra Lord is a writer based in Croydon. As a Japanophile you can read her adventures on her blog, Lord Abroad.

Sarah Tucker is a London based yoga fanatic who loves the great outdoors. You can read her personal blog at The Travelling Neurotic.

Amanda Moller is an Australian adventurer who seeks out random places to get lost. Currently trekking the north of France.

Chris Goosens is an American writer who travels as often as possible with his girlfriend in search of adventure.


The content of Gone Travelling Magazine is based as often as possible on personal experience. Where necessary we research to provide accurate and up to date information.

If you feel any of our information is misleading or out of date please feel free to contact us.

Gone Travelling is funded by our partners, many of whom are mentioned within our articles. We use affiliate links on our site which means if you use a service mentioned within an article, we get paid and can keep the site running! Don’t be afraid to click those links.


We are open to submissions from freelance writers. We pay, but the amount varies depending on our funds (which are often kinda meagre).

Please have a read of our Gone Travelling Magazine_ Writers Style Guide.

If you wish to pitch an article to us please email hello@gonetravelling.co.uk.

Gone Travelling Magazine Mission Statement

Gone Travelling Magazine aims to be an essential go to resource for information and advice for adventure and budget travellers.

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