• The 10 Best Autumn Sun Holiday Destinations

    As the schools go back this is a great time to grab a bargain autumn sun holiday

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  • Winter Is Coming!!!

    Summer holiday done? Maybe it’s time to think about where to head this winter…

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  • Travelling Solo? First Time Tips & Advice

    So you’re heading off to travel alone? Great idea… This is why travelling solo is the best!

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The Shoestring Traveller: A guide to travelling the world on a budget

Money is no obstacle for the determined traveller! See the world for less with this guide written by our very own Oliver Lynch. He’s been there and done it, several times. And now he’s written the book. If you really want to keep your travel costs down, or genuinely don’t have a lot of money to get going, you’ll find lots of useful travel skills and advice to get you ready to hit the road.

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