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Travelling Solo? First Time Tips & Advice

So you’re heading off to travel alone? Great idea… This is why travelling solo is the best!

Some people get freaked out at the idea of travelling solo. Will I get lonely? What if something happens? Will I know what to do?

If it’s your first time travelling on your own or you’ve had a few smaller jaunts but aren’t sure about a bigger trip, well, it’s definitely one of the better ways to travel. Why? Read on…

Travel Solo But Never Alone

1. You meet more people

Travelling on your own you are more approachable. People will talk to you and you’ll often find a travel buddy, especially on the well worn travel routes. Trust me. From experience this is 100% true.

Of course it pays to be cautious so if you think someone is not right, walk away. Don’t be afraid to say no if someone is pestering you.

2. You can choose your itinerary

pic: Tiburi

Not bothered about temples but quite want to go on a boat ride? Cool… That’s your choice. Maybe you were heading to the mountain but now you’ve decided the jungle would be more fun… Well, why the hell not. No one is going to argue or try and change your mind. Do what you want!

3. Take your time

If you like the place you’re in, you can spend more time there and get to know it. You can literally go at your own pace! Or, if somewhere isn’t floating your boat, skip town when you wanna.

4. Helps you budget

If you’re doing things on your own you’ll know what you can spend. If you want to splash out then you can, if you decide to save for a few days, that’s up to you.

5. Travel your way

If you like to slum it or prefer a bit of luxury, you can choose your travel style. Some people love hostels, others don’t.

6. It’s not as dangerous as you think

Solo female travellers will often find that you’ll get a travel buddy any way, so don’t worry about creepy guys following you around. Equally, some locals will take it upon themselves to protect you, especially if you’re in a slightly dodgy area. You’d be surprised how safe the world is really (don’t believe the news).

7. To party or not to party

Heading to Ibiza, Koh Phangan or Rio de Janeiro? Well, you will easily find a party buddy anyway, or, if you’re not bothered you can go home when you want!

8. Communication

If you’re going off the radar for a few days, let someone know or post it on social media. You don’t want to head to the jungle or hike a mountain trail then come back and find an international manhunt under way…

9. Enjoy being alone

pic: Hermann

Are you worried about getting bored or lonely? Why not just relax and enjoy some quality you time. In fact you’ll probably find this happens naturally and you’ll be quite happy to read a book for a few days or sit on a hill looking at the view in silence. Besides, there are plenty of places you can meet loads of people so make the most of the silence while you can.

When travelling solo I’ve taken time to sleep, catch up on films, write, listen to music and wander aimlessly. Don’t fear it, embrace it.

10. Get into the culture

When travelling solo you can really start to get involved in the local culture. From experimenting with the local language to trying strange new foods or visiting random places just because you can – make the most of not being answerable to anyone.

Check our guide to getting stuck into the local culture and how to make the most of it.

Don’t Fear Solo Travel!

If you want to make a trip somewhere and you’re worried you won’t know anyone, then honestly, just go… There are plenty of ways to meet people as you travel, no matter where you are. Travelling solo is something that many travellers find the most rewarding.

You can also book a trip with other solo travellers. Take a lot at G Adventures for some great adventure plans, from mountain climbing to boat cruises.

Travel Solo But Never Alone

If you’re ready to take the plunge, check out flight prices on our handy widget below.

Got any tips or advice for solo travellers? We’d love to hear from you so comment below. Don’t forget to share!

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  1. Good advice Oliver.

    There’s always a soon-to-be party buddy at a hostel.

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